The Summer Camp Conundrum



I dropped my daughter off at sleep away camp today. For eight weeks, there won’t be laundry on the floor, kitchen cabinets left open, squeezed toothpaste on the counter or an empty roll of toilet paper. For eight weeks, I won’t run the risk of tripping over a scooter, spend an hour in search of an iPhone charger, break my back cleaning slime from every surface, have to bear the smell of mac ‘n’ cheese or endure hearing myself repeat the same thing nine times.. For eight weeks, nothing in my home will be sticky.


I guess that’s the good news.


The bad news is that for eight weeks, I’ve lost my favorite sidekick. When I dropped my daughter at camp this morning, out of the car walked my navigator, my voice, translator, in-house comedian and favorite face to look at.


It’s only been ten hours and I miss her already.


*disclaimer…. this camp sends the kids home each weekend (thank God).

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