This Just In—It’s National Sperm Donor Day!


Yes, it’s National Sperm Donor Day! I got this random tidbit from a group called, which tracks mentions of so-called “national days” on social media.  So they’re tabulating official national days ordained by governments (Father’s Day, Flag Day, etc.) and other random days that people must just dream up on their own.


For instance, it’s also Aboriginal Day (with 4,726 tweets celebrating that fact), and National Smoothie Day (with 116 tweets) and National Dump The Pump Day (with 60 tweets).


National “Sperm Donor Day” has earned a whopping 23 tweets (when last I checked), but, hey, the day is still young.  And that’s way more than the other random dates that this website has previously tracked so-called Sperm Donor Day enthusiasm, such as its first discovery—on April 19, 2015, when it scored four tweets.  It’s also been noted on June 18th (4 tweets) and June 19th (11 tweets).


So… yeah… like I said, this isn’t actually official.  Not by a long shot.


But with more and more kids being brought into this world by this method, it begs the question: Should there be a Sperm Donor Day for real?  And if so, when?

2 thoughts on “This Just In—It’s National Sperm Donor Day!

  1. I was curious considering all the so called ‘fathers’,,that do absolutely nothing for their children.Never pay child support and it’s never a priority to them. Just wondering if there was a day.


  2. I think there should be! We celebrate dads and grandads, but we need a way to show appreciation for the wonderful gift that donors have given us and try to eliminate the stigma that donor kids are fatherless or don’t have significant men in their lives. We may not know the donors, but boy, are they significant!


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